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Travelling with Medical Cannabis

Summer is almost here and that means many Canadians are planning a getaway. But what about your medical cannabis? The good news is that whether you’re hitting the road or hopping on a plane, as long as you travel within the country you can bring your CanniMed prescription with you.

In order to avoid any delays or misunderstandings the following tips should help you travel with ease.

In General

  • You can only travel with your medical cannabis within Canada.
    • If you attempt to take it outside of the country you may face serious consequences as a result of foreign government’s more strict medical cannabis rules.
  • Always keep your product in the original packaging
    • This makes it easier to identify your medical cannabis as medication.
  • Always bring your CanniMed Card and Registration Papers
    • These documents show your official status as a patient and contain information that will assist authorities in answering any questions they have.
  • Never bring more than your 30-day limit
    • Federal law prohibits you from bringing more than that with you, regardless of how long you will be gone from home.

When Flying

Major airlines and the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority recommend that you:

  • Pack your medical cannabis in an easy-to-reach place in your carry-on luggage, along with your paperwork
    • You will save time for yourself and others if you can get to everything quickly
    • DO NOT pack medical cannabis in your checked luggage. This may lead to you missing your flight as authorities have to open and review your medicine
  • Call both the airline and the airport at least a week before you fly to inform them of your situation
    • They will inform you of any policies you need to know and provide specific guidance
  • Arrive at least an hour before the suggested time to allow additional time for verification
    • When you reach the pre-board screening checkpoint, advise screening personnel that you are transporting medical cannabis and request a private search
    • Once inside the search area give the staff all your paperwork. Their standard procedure is to contact police to clear the cannabis for travel. This is routine, but takes time, so be prepared
    • You are NOT allowed to smoke or vape while onboard the plane, or in most airports. Be sure to take your medicine before you arrive.

    No matter what symptoms you are using medical cannabis to treat, it’s not difficult to get out and enjoy our country with just a little planning. Wherever your journey takes you, we hope that you get there safe and sound!