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Message from the CEO

For the last 13 years, I have been working quietly, under a veil of secrecy and security, to produce the medical marijuana that was sold by Health Canada. As the sole supplier under the former Marihuana Medical Access Regulations (MMAR), we proudly fulfilled nearly 100,000 patient orders with not a single incident of diversion.

We learned a great deal during this time. As a result of the comments, questions and criticisms directed to Health Canada, we have worked tirelessly for patient safety – our first and primary concern. Over time, this commitment to patient safety solidified into a strict 281 point quality control process on each and every lot of pharmaceutical-grade cannabis we produce.

And now today, a few weeks into the full implementation of the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR), our diehard commitment to patient safety has not wavered.

What has changed is our ability to educate and offer support, which is why we have created CanniMed Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Prairie Plant Systems. We are also now able to learn from our patients and produce varieties of medical marijuana to suit a greater number of patient needs.

In the coming months and years you will continue to hear about many of our commitments. Today, I wish to share one with you.

Our commitment to research

It is our top priority to lead the new Canadian medical marijuana industry through our participation in clinical research that will close the gap between the anecdotal benefit and evidence based medicine in order to standardize care.

We are the only Canadian Licensed Producer who can boast that our pharmaceutical-grade cannabis has been used in a published clinical trial demonstrating the efficacy of smoked cannabis for chronic pain. For more details regarding this study please see - What do we know about the science behind medical marijuana?.

We have heard the very real concerns of the Canadian physician community and know that they will only be able to trust the validity of medical marijuana when the library of clinical research increases. It is our commitment to play a leadership role in this endeavour and have taken the first step in this regard with the acceptance by Health Canada of a clinical trial to study vapourized cannabis in adults with painful osteoarthritis of the knee. Please see our press release here.


Brent Zettl