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Medical Marijuana Production

This infographic shows you the intensive process undertaken to make your medicine.

From plantlets only inches tall to a final product that is bottled, tested, and ready to ship, our products pass through 281 points of quality control before being sent to patients.

We don’t grow our marijuana from seeds, rather we create plantlets which are clones of each other. This helps us create a consistent final product.

On day one, plantlets are placed into rockwool, a mineral fiber that supports and promotes plant growth. Then the young plants are transferred into 3-inch pots filled with growing medium, and finally moved into two-gallon pots where they will remain until harvested. The growing medium is a mixture of coir, peat moss, and limestone.

At harvest time, roughly 105 days into the process, plants have grown to between four and seven feet tall. Mature plants are cut away from the pot and then the marijuana flowers, or buds, are removed by hand. The harvested buds are collected and moved into our air flow chambers where they are cured at 25°C under a constant air stream.

Once the buds have cured, they are sent to an independent, third-party lab for safety testing, while potency and moisture level tests are done by our lab staff. Safety, quality, and consistency are our top priorities and it’s at this point we confirm each of our products surpass our rigorous standards. If a batch of plants doesn’t meet this standard, not a single bud will be released to our patients.

Following testing, the buds are coarsely chopped and the stems that have been released from inside the buds are removed by hand. This translates into a purer final product without the added weight of unusable stems. We chop the marijuana buds to ensure that the final product we send to patients is consistent for each dose and across every bottle, and is ready to use when it arrives. This additional processing is especially important for patients with reduced hand dexterity, such as arthritis sufferers, and adds convenience for many patients.

In the final stage of processing, the product is bottled and labels are attached to the bottles. Like many foods and pharmaceuticals, our products are irradiated for patient safety. This adds an extra layer of safety for patients with compromised immune systems.

Before the product is released and sent to patients, it undergoes another set of potency, moisture, and safety tests. This ensures quality isn’t compromised through the processing and irradiation stages. We test for mould, yeast, bacteria, five varieties of mycotoxin, and a number of metals including mercury, arsenic, cadmium, lead, and others.

We are the only producer of medical marijuana who undertakes this level of testing and we do it all to ensure that our patients’ medicine is safe.