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Introducing CanniMed® 15·5 and CanniMed® 4·10

With CanniMed 15·5 (available now!) and CanniMed 4·10 (coming in October) our product line has grown to include seven different varieties.

There’s evidence delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) influence how a product benefits certain conditions, but it’s not just the absolute concentration of these cannabinoids that matters.

Evidence points to a synergistic relationship between THC and CBD, and that there can be greater therapeutic value when they’re used in combination. This is why our seven varieties span a range from high THC/low CBD to the other end with low THC/high CBD – and five varieties in between.

We have seven different products now available, each with a unique THC to CBD ratio:

We work to deliver a consistent and reliable supply of medical marijuana to benefit a variety of conditions, and these new products help advance that commitment.

Our customer service staff is responsive and supportive! You can expect to place your first order within 48 hours of when we receive your medical documents and a completed physician authorization.

If you need help choosing the product to best suit your needs, our on staff pharmacist is happy to take your call.