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Brian Bautista Delivers High-Quality Products with Pride

From changing the lives of our clients with high-quality medicine to being a part of an amazing team, there’s a lot to be proud of when working in the medical cannabis sector for Aurora employees like Brian Bautista.

In his role as Manufacturing Manager at Aurora Prairie, Brian and his department oversee cannabis materials from harvesting all the way to their final packaged form as dried flower, oil or capsules.

Based in Saskatoon, Brian champions Aurora’s values by ensuring his department delivers high-quality products to the market and by implementing improvements whenever he can, both big and small.

“I look for opportunities to take advantage of the vast differences of ideas and experiences of each team member, so that we can work, learn, and win together,” says Brian.

“The best part of my workday are the small chats I have every time I enter our production buildings. Every day I can initiate an open communication and brainstorm within the team to refine and innovate our processes. After all, more brains are better than one,” he adds.

Fostering collaboration is key for Brian as he notes that it creates a strong sense of belonging, something that he and the team appreciate. And of course, building and being a part of a great team helps when dealing with how quickly things can move at Aurora.

“Aurora executes the plan with speed and purpose. I have never seen a company grow so big and so successfully within such a short period of time. It is very exciting to see and be part of all the changes as well as helping to introduce new products into the market,” he says.

And while the industry changes quickly, it’s being a part of these changes and the new products that makes working at Aurora the most rewarding for Brian.

“Being a part of initiators of change in the world is very fulfilling. We produce high-quality products that are making a positive difference in the lives of the patients we serve.”

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