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Christina’s Story Part II – One Year Later

Christina Evans’ medical cannabis journey has been over a decade in the making. For years she dealt with debilitating pain from syringomyelia, a rare spinal disease that made it impossible for her to enjoy life with her family.

At her worst Christina was bedridden for days at time, unable to move. Even when she was able to get out of bed she had to deal with constant pain, muscle spasms, migraines, restless legs, lack of sleep, depression, anxiety and more. She took a handful of conventional medications to deal with her symptoms, but like so many others she didn’t like the mental fog the pills imposed just to achieve a reduction in pain.

When Christina discovered medical cannabis it changed her life, by giving it back to her.

It’s been a year since we first spoke to Christina and she’s feeling better than ever, cementing her belief that CanniMed® Oil 10:10 has helped her to take control of her life again. In fact, Christina isn’t just in control of her life, she’s in love with it and celebrates every single day.

“I’m fabulous,” Christina says with a laugh. “I’m just enjoying life, not worrying about my condition!”

“I’m going weeks without even a twinge of pain,” Christina says as she talks about how far she’s come. “The 10:10 oil took care of it all!”

Also, for the first time in eight years, Christina is back at work. At one point she thought she’d never work again, and now she’s fielding offers from multiple employers who want to bring her positive energy to their team.

Since Christina first shared her story both she and we have been peppered with numerous questions about the product she uses, and how she uses it. She shared with us how she uses CanniMed® Oil 10:10 to remain pain-free.

When Christina first tried medical cannabis she wanted to avoid the feeling of being high, so she chose a pure CBD product, but it didn’t provide the pain relief she was searching for.

“I see why people are nervous to bring THC on board, because they don’t want to get high.”

Still, Christina hadn’t found relief from the CBD oil, so she decided to try a THC/CBD balanced product: CanniMed® Oil 10:10. To address the concern about the euphoria brought on by THC, Christina followed the same simple advice we give all patients: start low and go slow.

CanniMed 10:10 Oil

To begin, Christina took 0.1 ml of oil twice a day for one week. She paid careful attention to how it made her feel, both in terms of symptom management and the THC euphoria.

“It’s impossible not to feel anything when you first start out – just like any medication. But I went so slow that the only thing I felt was an increased heart rate. That side effect is the best of any I’ve had from all the medications I’ve taken!”

At the end of the first week Christina had already noticed an improvement in her symptoms. She switched to doing one dose per day, and then over the next four weeks she slowly increased her dosage until she was taking 1 ml of 10:10 oil each morning. In this way she was able to address her symptoms while at the same time allowing her body to get used to the THC, and therefore minimize the feeling of being high.

“Be patient and consistent,” she advises new patients.

Two and half years after starting her medical cannabis journey Christina is completely off all of her conventional medications. It’s been over a year since her last migraine. Severe muscle spasms that once would immobilize her for a week at a time have been reduced to once a year. The nerve pain is virtually gone. The depression and anxiety are distant memories.

“The key is to take your medical cannabis every single day, like any other medication. Don’t skip a dose, and if you do skip a dose you need to taper down and work your way back up.”

Medical cannabis is a part of Christina’s daily routine, and she uses it to maintain a quality of life that many people take for granted.

“I have a new hunger for life and will to live,” she says. “I’m doing things I never thought possible.”

Thank you to Christina Evans for continuing to share her remarkable story with us. Be sure to read the first part of her story here.

If you have questions about CanniMed® Oil 10:10, dosages, or any of the information we’ve shared here, please contact us at or 1-855-787-1577.