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Finding Relief and Finding Yourself

Finding Relief and Finding Yourself

It was thirteen years ago when the pain settled on Arlene like a fog. Almost a decade and a half of constant pain, slowly obscuring a life that prior to this was full of happiness.

It wasn’t a horrible accident or life-threatening illness that started Arlene’s downward spiral; it was a stumble on a flight of stairs that chipped her hip bone, which in turn led to hip replacement surgery. While she waited for the surgery the stress on Arlene’s lower body led to knee deterioration, and it was determined they had to be replaced as well. Throughout it all Arlene persevered, taking increasingly stronger painkillers to help her deal with the pain. This was her new normal, and she accepted it.

Even with a new hip and two new knees Arlene still suffered. The pain didn’t go away, it grew.

She tried stronger painkillers, but they didn’t help:
They weren’t doing anything for the pain – to eliminate it. The painkillers helped to cope with the pain, but not get rid of it.

As time wore on things got worse for Arlene: she developed atrial fibrillation, asthma and osteoarthritis. She was in constant pain. She couldn’t sleep regularly. She couldn’t exercise so she put on weight. She travelled less, spent less time with her kids and grandkids. It was her new, new normal.

That’s the problem with chronic pain, it doesn’t end. Chronic means that it is enduring and persistent and no matter what anyone says, you shouldn’t have to just “deal with it,” or “suck it up.”

Arlene didn’t.

One day a friend shared with Arlene a story they had heard about medical cannabis oil. She was intrigued, so Arlene did some research. It wasn’t long before she decided to give it try.

Because I have so many other medical issues recreational marijuana wouldn’t do. I needed something that is regulated, standardized and that a medical professional was involved with. When I found out that I could get a pharmaceutical grade cannabis that was edible, I was all over it!

The initial relief wasn’t complete, but it did remind Arlene of what used to be normal for her.

I was so engrossed in the pain for so long that I didn’t realize it.

Day by day, as she adjusted her dosage and found the right mix of products for her unique needs, Arlene began to notice a real difference. One memorable day she discovered that her family had noticed the difference as well.

We have a family business and I go in a couple days a week to do the paperwork. After a couple months on the oil my son told me what a difference he had seen in me, and said, “Mom it was so hard to watch you come in here all the time and be in pain.”

Arlene’s husband Darrel saw the difference as well. He too had been suffering for a long time, with neuropathic pain. Like Arlene he didn’t like the side-effects and feeling of the heavy-duty painkillers prescribed to him. So they decided he should try the cannabis oil as well.

It’s been so phenomenal for me after only a short time, it made sense for my husband to try it, and it was a slam dunk for him! When he started on the oil he slept 6 to 8 hours, three nights in a row. It was the first time in years he’d done that! My son and I were just about in tears seeing how much this helped him.

Before long Arlene and Darrel were both beginning to feel as if their lives were once again their own. The freedom to fully enjoy life was once again theirs to experience.

For the longest time the voyages to visit Arlene’s mother, or their daughter and grand kids, were a tiring, painful multi-day ordeal. Now they happily hop in the car and make the trip in one day, ready for more quality time with loved ones.

Not only is Arlene enjoying more trips to see family, she’s thrilled to have fewer trips to the doctor:
In the first three months of last year I had made 17 trips to a medical professional. After starting the cannabis oil I was down to once or twice a month.

The freedom of movement isn’t just geographical either. Without the burden of pain Arlene is finally able to exercise again, and has already lost 35 pounds since taking the CanniMed oils.

Finding Yourself

When you speak to Arlene she exudes energy and life. She spends very little time dwelling on the past, instead choosing to talk about how she feels now, because now she feels like herself. Her new normal is her old one and she is very happy about it.

“I’m able to take part in life again. I’m myself. I’m back to being a much more cheerful person again. Back to being, “Good morning Lord,” instead of “Good lord, morning!”

After 13 years of pain Arlene and Darrel are back in control of their lives because she was sick of the pain, and she wants everyone else to break from it as well.

I wish everyone who is suffering and in pain would give it try. It’s given us our lives back.