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Your Part in Legalizing, Regulating & Restricting Access to Marijuana

Over the summer, the Federal Government is looking for Canadians’ thoughts regarding the legalization of marijuana. The newly announced members of the Task Force on Marijuana Legalization and Regulation will be consulting with experts and incorporating the input of Canadian citizens into the development of their final report to be presented to the government in November. Your voice is an important part of that report.

How might the government ensure that young Canadians are protected and that profits from marijuana are cut from organized crime? How might the government reduce the burden on police and the justice system and prevent citizens from receiving criminal records for simple marijuana possession? How can they better integrate cannabis into a comprehensive healthcare system? You can help to answer all these questions.

At CanniMed, our priority is, and always will be, medical cannabis. What that means is we are actively working on new and consistent delivery methods for your medicine. We support clinical trials to help improve the efficacy of medical cannabis. We work with doctors to help them better serve their patients. We are advocating for government and insurance company coverage for your medicine, just like you receive with your conventional prescriptions.

Now we have an amazing opportunity to help the Federal Government shape the way the legalized market will unfold in years to come. We are actively engaging with them on the importance of keeping a very clear distinction between medical cannabis and recreational marijuana.

This is your opportunity as well, to voice your opinion and have a say. This is your chance to take part in building a system that will serve all Canadians and provide them with easy, affordable access to safe and effective medicine.

Follow this link to participate in the input process: