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Michael J Roy Provides a Listening Ear to Patients

Whether it’s by being a part of history or making a difference in the lives of patients, working in the cannabis sector can be a rewarding experience for many employees at Aurora.

In his role as a Customer Sales Representative at Aurora, Michael J Roy experiences both of the above as he: guides patients to the products that their physician recommended, informs them on how they will receive the package and explains what they can expect from the product.

Based in Saskatoon, Michael lives Aurora’s values on and off the job by doing his best to take care of his mind, body and soul. He incorporates physical activity, healthy eating, music and strategy games into his weekly schedule to help reduce stress and live a more balanced life.

“Additionally, for my soul I enjoy getting in touch with nature, either by simply going for a walk or taking a weekend to go camping and enjoy the beautiful boreal surrounds we have in Saskatchewan,” he says.

“I am very comfortable being myself and having fun with my coworkers in a stress-free workspace. I believe that part of that stress-free workspace stems from the type of work that we do. We genuinely try to provide the best customer service and information that we can to our patients, and then provide our patients with a medicine that improves their quality of life,” says Michael.

“In all my time working in customer service I have never worked for a company that made history. Working for Aurora when cannabis was first legalized has been one of the most exciting experiences of my life,” he adds.

“Aurora has taken great leaps in being one of the best licensed producers of cannabis on the earth, and I am very proud to be an essential part of the team that is changing the world.”

While making history is important to Michael, he notes that taking pride in his work and assisting his coworkers to manage customer service needs are important too. But it’s the future of his career at Aurora that looks the brightest for Michael.

“I am looking forward to seeing more changes in the company and welcome any new challenges that I may be faced with while working here.”

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