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Potential Canada Post Service Disruption

AUGUST 31 UPDATE – – Effective immediately Canada Post and CUPW have reached a two-year agreement. This ends uncertainty in the postal system and allows us to return to normal operations, serving our patients and helping to provide relief to people who are in need.

AUGUST 26 UPDATE – Yesterday the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) issued a 72-hour notice of job action after negotiations with Canada Post broke down. A mediator is working with both parties at present, but there remains a very real risk that job action could occur beginning as early as Sunday, August 28. CUPW has stated that they want to avoid or minimize service disruptions, but at present we do not know exactly what job action they might undertake. In the past they have done rotating strikes, affecting one city at a time, but there is always the possibility that postal service could be stopped across the country.

We appreciate that our patients want to be sure they can still receive their medicine during this time of uncertainty which is why we are offering two options effective immediately:

  1. Patients can order from Purolator at no extra cost to them.
    • During the previous job action the large amount of orders Purolator received had an impact on their delivery times. The packages were delivered, but there were delays and we expect that this will occur again. Patients wishing to choose this option can simply choose Purolator at checkout and regular Canada Post rates will be applied, including free shipping for orders over $99.
  2. Patients can continue to use Canada Post at their own risk.
    • CUPW has not clarified what their job action will be. It could have a minimal or major effect on shipping throughout the country, or ongoing talks could bring the potential of a job action to an end. Patients who do not wish to use Purolator, or who are confident that a job action will have minimal effect on their deliveries can continue as usual and use Canada Post for shipping. Please be aware that if this option is chosen and there is a cessation of service, packages with medicine will be frozen in transit until service resumes. In such a case we are unable to issue refunds or provide additional cannabis at no charge as the packages will continue their journeys to patients once the job action ends.

Regardless of which option chosen, it is likely that there will be some disruptions to service. Patients should plan accordingly and allow for longer delivery times, or consider ordering a larger amount than usual to ensure they do not run out of medical cannabis. Our team is actively working with patients to find the best solutions for their needs, and will continue to do so.

Patients who still use a post office box for shipping are strongly encouraged to update their files with an alternate street address as soon as possible, as Purolator does not deliver to P.O. boxes.

We continue to monitor the situation and will keep our patients apprised of any changes as they occur.

All the best from CanniMed

JULY 12 UPDATE – Canada Post service has resumed, effective immediately. Canada Post announced this week that the risk of immediate job action has been withdrawn, and we are pleased to once again offer them as a shipping option for our patients.
We will continue to monitor the ongoing negotiations and will update our patients as changes arise.
Thank you for your patience and understanding during this period of uncertainty.

In anticipation of a potential postal strike CanniMed is committed to keeping our patients informed of the situation, and the measures we have put in place to ensure continued access to their medicine.

If ongoing negotiations between Canada Post and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) are not successful a service disruption could occur starting on July 2. At that time no parcels will be accepted by Canada Post and any mail in transit will be put on hold until the job action (strike) is resolved.

In order to ensure patient medicines are not stranded in transit, Sunday, June 26 is the last day we allow Canada Post as a shipping option when placing an order.

Effective June 27 we will exclusively use Purolator to ship orders at no extra cost to patients. Free shipping still applies on orders over $99.

Patients who use a post office box for shipping are encouraged to update their file with a street address as soon as possible. Purolator does not deliver to P.O. boxes. Patients can update their shipping address by clicking here.

Should patients be concerned about an extended disruption of postal service they may wish to consider ordered a larger amount than usual to ensure they do not run out of medical cannabis.

If an agreement can been reached between Canada Post and CUPW prior to June 27 business will go on as normal. Once any service interruption ends we will once again utilize Canada Post as our primary shipper.

CanniMed is working hard to minimize the effects of the job action on our patients. We remain in contact with Canada Post and will provide relevant updates here and on our social media channels as they occur.