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Service alert: Purolator not accepting shipments

Purolator not accepting shipments

Last night, March 27, Teamsters Canada, who manage the majority of Purolator's front line operations issued a 72-hour notice of strike action after negotiations broke down. Job action could occur as soon as 4:30 pm EST, on Wednesday, March 29.

In order to minimize risk to customers Purolator has decided to stop all shipment pick-ups effective today, Tuesday, March 28, while negotiations continue.

They are currently working through all the deliveries in their network, but advise that delays are possible.

As of last night Purolator is not available as a shipment option for our patients. We remain in contact with Purolator and will do our best to ensure that if there a delay in shipping that you are notified. As of this time we are confident the packages we have in their system will arrive within the specified delivery window.

We do advise all patients to plan for potential shipping delays in case Canada Post is unable to meet the increased demand. You may wish to consider ordering a larger amount than usual to ensure you do not run out of medical cannabis.

We continue to monitor the situation and will keep you apprised of any changes as they occur.

All the best from CanniMed