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Aurora continues to work closely with our partners, including mail and courier services, to maintain delivery timelines. Changes announced by Canada Post to their services can be found on, we are monitoring developments closely and will update our patients as the circumstance evolves.
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Why We Mill

At CanniMed we are committed to providing our patients with the best possible medicine and support. To some it may seem like a cliché to say that we care about our patients, but it is true. Each person in our organization takes great pride in knowing that we help people every single day. And every single day we hear from our patients, telling us what a difference medical cannabis has made in their lives.

Periodically we also hear from patients who have concerns or suggestions. We take those comments seriously and they help us to evolve our products and services to better meet their needs. One question that pops up from time-to-time is why we mill our dried product.

Why do we mill our medical cannabis?Let’s explore that question

  1. To provide a consistent dosage – key to this is understanding that we are providing medical cannabis. When a patient receives a prescription for any medication the physician determines a dosage that is meant to provide the desired medicinal benefit. By providing milled product it is far easier to ensure consistent dosage for our patients.

    After milling the product is tested for safety and consistency multiple times, guaranteeing that the THC and CBD is consistent in each bottle. Breaking off a piece of the flower or “bud” of the plant, or self-grinding will not produce the same consistent dosage, therefore somewhat defeating the purpose of having a prescription to begin with.


    The amount of THC/CBD can vary greatly on the same bud, from top to bottom. So by receiving full buds you are unlikely to get consistent dosage as it may be high or low depending on the individual plant. When we mill you get what it says on the label, every single time.
  2. For convenience – We offer our medical cannabis milled so that you can open the container and go. No waiting, no grinding, just relief. Beyond the convenience for our patients with full mobility this is also an absolute necessity for the many patients we have that have limited mobility. For patients with, for example, multiple sclerosis, they may face difficulty in using a grinder on their cannabis, so we make it easy on them to access their medicine.

  3. To provide a better value – The flower of a cannabis plant contains a large, thick stem that you cannot use medically. When we harvest the plant that stem is removed so that when we mill you get a product that is fully useable – you don’t pay for anything you can’t use.

    While it may be aesthetically pleasing to see the whole bud it really isn’t economical, and doesn’t serve any medical purpose. Our commitment to your health includes making sure you get the best value for your money.


    It actually costs us more to manually remove the stems and mill the plant than it would if we provided buds. There are no leaves, waste or large stems in our milled product. We are pleased to pass this value to our patients in the form of high quality medicine.
CanniMed staff remove stems from the milled cannabis

As noted at the start of this article our commitment is to provide for the health of our patients. It would be easier and less expensive for us to provide whole buds, and we would certainly make a very small portion of our patients happy, but that’s not how CanniMed operates. We don’t follow trends or play to the crowd. We don’t copy what “the other guys” does (we’ve been doing this longer than any of the rest of them).

By milling our medical cannabis we can fulfill our commitment to the health of our patients better than if we provided the whole flower of the plant.

That’s why we will continue to mill our product, because we care.