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Why We Use GMP

At CanniMed we value the trust our patients place in us to provide them with medical cannabis that is free from contaminants and is consistent in dosage. After all, it’s medicine. That’s why we follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) at every stage of our production.

Under Health Canada’s Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR), Canadian Licensed Producers must follow Good Production Practices (GPP) which clearly structures and defines how every stage of the manufacturing process is to operate. We go one step farther and follow Good Manufacturing Practices, the standard required by pharmaceutical companies.

What is the difference between GPP and GMP?

Good Production Practices (GPP): Products must have a label claim – i.e. the label needs to list the percentage of THC and CBD – yet these specifications lot by lot don’t have to be consistent. This means that Product “A” that a patient receives today could contain a very different THC and CBD value than Product “A” they purchase next month.

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP): The same label claim is required on products manufactured following a GMP process, but in this case Product “A” will be the same every time - meaning the patient gets the same percentage of THC and CBD with each new delivery. That also means patients can expect similar results each time they use it.

Our GMP facility has been setup to control every environmental variable. Growth chambers are secured from the outside world, meaning our plants are protected from unwanted pests, dust and other crops. We have designed a proprietary soil that the plants grow in and we use the same nutrients commonly used on vegetables. The water given to the plants is tested for metals and other impurities.

After the harvest we test for metals, microbials and mycotoxins to ensure products are free of E. coli and salmonella, and other microorganisms like S. aureus, yeast, and mould are kept well below food-safe levels. We have a maximum allowed limit for metals such as cadmium, mercury, arsenic, and lead. All these standards comply with pharmacopeia limits for natural health and other, similar products in Canada.

Our GMP facility ensures clean plants every time. Clean plants produce a safer finished product that can be used with confidence by every CanniMed patient.

So why do we go through all this effort? For the health of our patients.

Bacteria and mould can affect almost any plant crop, marijuana is no exception. For our patients who suffer from serious illnesses that impact their immune system, the health risks of consuming contaminated cannabis can be very real, even potentially fatal.

If a product lot does not meet our rigorous standards, which include 281 points of quality control, it is not released.

At CanniMed, patient safety is our number one concern and that’s why we believe that a GMP guided process is critical for the manufacturing of pharmaceutical-grade cannabis.