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CanniMed Ltd. Partners with Canadian Cancer Survivor Network for Medical Cannabis Education

November 29, 2016

SASKATOON, Nov 29, 2016 - Medical cannabis is increasingly becoming an option considered by patients to help manage symptoms related to current or past cancer treatment. But when patients weigh the pros and cons of including this therapeutic option, a multitude of questions abound. What are the rules and regulations...
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November 28, 2016

CANNIMED THERAPEUTICS INC. ANNOUNCES FILING OF PRELIMINARY PROSPECTUS NOT FOR DISTRIBUTION TO U.S. NEWS WIRE SERVICES OR DISSEMINATION IN THE UNITED STATES. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan [November 28] - CanniMed Therapeutics Inc. (“CMED” or the “Company”), a leading plant biopharmaceutical company specializing in the production of pharmaceutical-grade cannabis, announced today that it...
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CanniMed Ltd. to Appoint Creso Pharma Ltd. as Preferred Distributor of Medical Cannabis Products within the European Union

November 17, 2016

SASKATOON, Nov. 17, 2016: CanniMed Ltd. has entered into a letter of intent with Creso Pharma Ltd. (Australian Stock Exchange (ASX); Symbol - CPH) whereby Creso will represent CanniMed in the European Union for the purpose of marketing all CanniMed® medical cannabis brands to governments, authorized importers and distributors, institutions,...
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CTT Pharmaceutical Holdings to License to CanniMed Ltd. Novel Cannabis Orally Dissolvable Thin Film (ODF) Wafer Drug Delivery Technology for North American Markets

August 23, 2016

Ottawa/SASKATOON, Aug. 11, 2016 -CanniMed Ltd. has entered into a letter of intent with CTT Pharmaceutical Holdings Inc. (OTCQB:CTTH) to license CTT’s Orally Dissolvable Thin Film (ODF) Wafer technology. This industry-first collaboration will enable CanniMed Ltd. to develop and commercialize this novel, smoke-free, drug delivery system in both Canada and...
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CanniMed Cares">

Get More From CanniMed Cares

July 14, 2016

The CanniMed Care Programs are about providing you with the extra care you deserve, the support you need, and the benefits you want. There’s no cost and complicated forms – once you become a CanniMed patient you’re in the program. Compassionate pricing for everyone* - Patient Direct Pricing gives you...
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June 08, 2016

We were pleased to be one of the first Canadian LPs to fulfill all of Health Canada’s requirements granting us our expanded license under the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) in order to produce and sell edible cannabis oils. Our three CanniMed® Oils are available and registered patients can...
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CanniMed® Oil 18:0 Price Reduction

March 16, 2016

We are pleased to announce that the price of our CanniMed® Oil 18:0 has been reduced by 10% ($179.00 per 60ml) effective immediately. The manufacturing process for the CanniMed® Oil 18:0 is well established and, as a result, we have identified increased production efficiencies, meaning that we can pass these...
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Discounted Pricing Extension

February 01, 2016

We have extended our discounted pricing once again! Through the spring until noon EST on May 31, we will continue to automatically apply a 10% discount on all CanniMed® Herbal product orders. Until the summer sun arrives, we hope this offer will give you a little something extra to smile...
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CanniMed® Oil Extraction Process Infographic

January 29, 2016

If you're looking at a bottle of CanniMed® Oil, wondering how it went from dried cannabis flowers to the liquid oil you hold in your hands today, then wonder no more. The Cannimed Oil Extraction Process infographic provides a detailed, step-by-step look into how these products are made. Have a...
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Products In Stock and Available

January 27, 2016

Whether oil or herbal cannabis, CanniMed patients can be confident their medicine will be available when they need it. This was true more than two years ago when we launched our very first herbal cannabis product and it's true now just a few weeks after our edible oil products were...
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CanniMed Ltd. Receives Approval from Health Canada for Cannabis Oils

January 12, 2016

Patient Orders to be Fulfilled Immediately TORONTO, Jan. 12, 2016 - CanniMed Ltd. has successfully fulfilled all of Health Canada’s inspection requirements and has been granted a Section 56 Supplemental Licence under the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR). This approval officially gives CanniMed the go ahead to begin sales...
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10% Price Reduction Extended Until February 1

January 04, 2016

10% price reduction on all CanniMed herbal product orders extended until February 1 at noon EST. January can be a long month in Canada so we hope this offer will help bring a little light to those dark, wintry days. Order today.
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CanniMed® Oil 18:0 and CanniMed® Oil 1:20 Are Now Bottled and Packaged

October 21, 2015

Our first two cannabis oil products – CanniMed® Oil 18:0 and CanniMed® Oil 1:20 – are now bottled and packaged, and in our facility ready for sale. The last step in the process is also underway – Health Canada will soon be visiting us to perform their final inspection. It's...
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CARP and CanniMed announce partnership to educate Canadians about medical cannabis

September 10, 2015

TORONTO, Sept. 10, 2015, /CNW/ - CARP, Canada's largest non-profit, non-partisan advocacy association for Canadians As We Age, has announced a new "CARP Recommended" partnership with CanniMed Ltd., an industry leader in providing Canadians with access to a standardized, safe and trusted supply of pharmaceutical-grade cannabis under the Marihuana for...
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Our New Partnership with CARP

September 09, 2015

We are pleased to announce our new partnership with CARP, Canada's largest non-profit, non-partisan advocacy association for Canadians as they age. CARP members will receive a $50 credit upon registration as a new CanniMed patient and 5% off Patient Direct Pricing or current best price offer, on medical cannabis products....
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Prairie Plant Systems and CanniMed Granted Section 56 Exemptions to Begin Cannabis Oils Production

August 06, 2015

SASKATOON, Aug 6, 2015 - Prairie Plant Systems Inc. and CanniMed Ltd. have successfully received Section 56 exemptions under the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) governed by Health Canada and as a result have begun oil manufacturing for patients. Similar to the seven dry cannabis products currently being offered,...
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CanniMed is Now Authorized to Start Producing Cannabis Oils

August 06, 2015

Health Canada has approved our section 56 exemption and we are now authorized to start producing cannabis oils. With that approval we've taken another important step toward making CanniMed® cannabis oils available to our patients. In a recent survey, 67 percent of patients said they would prefer edible oil products...
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Full Line of CanniMed Products Now Available in Five Gram Packaging

July 28, 2015

SASKATOON, July 28, 2015 - Cannabis is a personalized medicine, and as a result many patients need to try a few different varieties or products before finding the one that works best for their individual condition. Today, CanniMed Ltd. is offering patients flexibility and cost-efficiency in their purchasing by introducing...
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CanniMed Products are Now Available in Five Gram Bottles

July 28, 2015

Starting today every CanniMed product is available in our new five gram bottle size. We've heard from quite a few patients looking for this smaller bottle size and we've been eager to add it as an option for patients to order. The new bottle size will help patients trying a...
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CanniMed Ltd. Statement on Cannabis Oils and Derivatives

July 08, 2015

Statement on Cannabis Oils and Derivatives July 8, 2015 /CNW/ - CanniMed Ltd. congratulates Health Canada on their proactive move today by announcing the Section 56 Class Exemption for Licensed Producers as a result of the recent Supreme Court decision regarding cannabis preparations and derivatives. "We support the new regulations...
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