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CanniMed Ltd. Partners with Canadian Cancer Survivor Network for Medical Cannabis Education

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SASKATOON, Nov 29, 2016 - Medical cannabis is increasingly becoming an option considered by patients to help manage symptoms related to current or past cancer treatment. But when patients weigh the pros and cons of including this therapeutic option, a multitude of questions abound.

What are the rules and regulations around cannabis in Canada? How do patients gain access to this treatment option? What are the dosing options? Is it a treatment option for chemotherapy-induced nausea? What about cancer-induced neuropathic pain?

Every day we get questions like these from our patients. This is why we are proud to announce our partnership with the Canadian Cancer Survivors Network (CCSN), a national network dedicated to promoting health and advancing education for all those affected by cancer. By providing tools and education to cancer patients and their caregivers CCSN is making a real difference in the lives of those managing cancer. CanniMed is looking forward to our ongoing collaboration with CCSN, providing them with our expertise on medical cannabis, and advancing educational resources that will help their membership make informed decisions about the use of medical cannabis.

As part of that commitment we have already assisted in the creation of four new resource documents currently available on the CCSN website that provide the starting point for information regarding medical cannabis. In them readers will find the answers to common questions, such as what is medical cannabis, how do you go about getting a prescription, the best ways to ingest it and a sheet devoted to the myths and facts of what can be a stigmatized treatment option.

On Monday, December 12th, CCSN will be hosting a webinar on the topic. They will be joined by Dr. Paul Daeninck, an oncologist and palliative care consultant with CancerCare Manitoba and an Assistant Professor at the University of Manitoba. Dr. Daeninck is one of Canada’s leading physicians when it comes to the use of cannabis in patients with cancer and cancer-related conditions. This webinar is a must-watch to learn about the basic facts about medical cannabis and the role it can play for cancer patients. Information on this free event, including registration will be available here.

As the medical cannabis landscape in Canada continues to change and evolve we remain committed to providing our patients and partners, such as CCSN, with products they can trust and the education to ensure that informed decisions about treatment can be made. We are looking forward to sharing this knowledge with CCSN and helping them to help others.

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