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CanniMed® Ltd. is pleased to be a licensed producer under the Cannabis Act Regulations.

  CanniMed<sup>®</sup> Oil 18:0

CanniMed® Oil 18:0


60ml · 55g

Total THC
16.9 - 18.8 mg / ml

Total CBD
< 0.2 mg / ml

CanniMed® Oil 18:0 has the highest concentration of THC of CanniMed's three available cannabis oil products. CanniMed Oil products are made using only dried cannabis flowers – no leaf, trimmings or waste material. After creating a pure resin through an ethanol extraction process, olive oil is mixed in to create our edible cannabis product.

Products with high amounts of THC have the potential to treat pain, inflammation and nausea1.

Plant Type: Hybrid

Equivalency Factor for determining possession limits | 0.78g herbal cannabis = 60ml cannabis oil** | Should not be used as a guideline for dosage

Possession Limit | 30g

**Determining a suitable CanniMed® Oil dose should be done independently of your experience with herbal products. Start with a low dose, and increase it slowly as needed.

1 Baron, Eric P. 2018. “Medicinal Properties of Cannabinoids , Terpenes , and Flavonoids in Cannabis , and Benefits in Migraine , Headache , and Pain : An Update on Current Evidence and Cannabis Science.” Headache Currents July/August: 1139–86

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All CanniMed® Oil is fully decarboxylated, meaning the THC and CBD have been activated and are ready for consumption. Active THC and CBD are measured in milligrams per millilitre.

Total Content

The total amount of THC and CBD measured in milligrams for the full bottle (60 ml).

Equivalency Factor

The equivalency factor is a simple equation used to help calculate the amount of oil you can order based on the quantity allowance for herbal cannabis on your Medical Document. Each CanniMed® Oil bottle is equivalent to 0.78 grams of dried cannabis.

CanniMedProduct Offering

CanniMed<sup>®</sup> 12·0

CanniMed® 12·0

Total THC
10.0 - 10.4 %

Total CBD
< 0.06 %

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CanniMed<sup>®</sup> 18·1

CanniMed® 18·1

Total THC
14.5 - 16.0 %

Total CBD
< 0.06 %

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