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CanniMed® cannabis products are made from the flowering head, or “bud” of the female Cannabis sativa spp. indica plant. The cannabis plant material is dried under strict conditions to ensure proper curing of the herbal material while lessening the chance of contamination and fungal opportunity. Moisture content is monitored for consistency and to ensure appropriate usability and stability of the stored product.

The cannabis plant material is milled to create a homogenous product for consistency of dosage. Dose consistency is required for research and therapeutic purposes, allowing the overseeing healthcare practitioner to be confident in the level of THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) and/or CBD (cannabidiol) the patient is receiving.

CanniMed® medical cannabis products are packaged in child-proof, tamper evident containers compliant with the Cannabis Act Regulations. CanniMed® product labels indicate the THC and CBD content for the product type, the packaging date, lot number and storage instructions.

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