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CanniMed® Oil THCA

The Benefits of THC with virtually no intoxication.

CanniMed® Oil THCA is a unique new product that may provide the benefits of THC – with very little THC. The Oil was created without the use of high heat, which converts THCA to THC. This results in a THCA-rich oil with next to no THC and, therefore, a very low risk of intoxication.



THCA is a unique compound that may have a different mechanism of action than THC and CBD. Current evidence supports its role in treating a range of conditions:

  • Relieves pain and inflammation
  • Anti-nausea effects
  • Muscle spasticity
  • Anti-epileptic effects
  • May play a role in neuroprotection
  • May be an immunomodulator
  • May be antineoplastic

THCA is NOT converted into THC in the body.


CanniMed® Oil THCA is made using our industry-leading dried cannabis flowers. No leaf, trimmings or waste materials are used to ensure the highest-quality product. Like all our oils, CanniMed® Oil THCA is easy to use and accurately dose.


How to Use Cannabis Oils

CanniMed® Oil products are ingested so there is no need to inhale the medication in the form of smoke or vapor. Cannabis oils can be ingested, or droplets can be applied under the tongue and absorbed through the mouth. For a consistent effect, patients should administer each dose in the same way.

CanniMed® Oils are packaged with an oral syringe to measure exactly how much oil is consumed with each dose.

Store cannabis oils at room temperature, in a safe location out of the reach of children.

How to dose CanniMed® Oil THCA

Start low & go slow

Initial dosing guidelines:

  • First dose: Start 0.5 mL or less (dependent on prior cannabis experience as shown below) in the evening.
  • Titrate up every 3-4 days by 0.2 mL per dose until single effective dose is determined.
  • Reduce dose by 0.2 mL if experiencing drowsiness and/or nausea. Continue at this dose for 3-4 days before increasing dose again.
  • Keep in mind that the effects of one dose last 8-12 hours.


For additional aid on dosing, or if you have questions about whether CanniMed Oil THCA is right for you, ask your doctor, or contact our in-house pharmacist by calling 1-855-787-1577 or email


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