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CanniMed Ltd. is very pleased to offer our free app to help Canadian patients keep track of Health Canada’s Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) 30 day quantity limits. The CanniMed Calculator lets you record your shipments and set notifications when you can reorder and when your registration is about to expire.

Patients asked us to develop a system to help manage their dosing and monthly marijuana allocation. In addition to supply tracking and ordering, the app provides patients with updates on CanniMed news as well as a direct connection to and our customer service call centre.

With the app’s Limit Calculator, you can easily track how much pharmaceutical-grade cannabis is available for you to purchase in your current 30-day period. The MMPR limits the amount of cannabis you can order in one 30-day period to 30 times the daily amount outlined by your doctor. Understandably, many patients find it difficult to accurately track their 30-day limit, and this is where the app is really helpful.

With the updated app all you need to do is scan the QR code on your order receipt and your 30-day limit, order history and registration expiry date will automatically be displayed in the app. To keep the information in the app accurate, make sure to scan every new receipt you receive. For more information on QR codes and how to use the updated app, see the video below.

Enable notifications and the app will alert you once a new 30-day period has started and your limit is reset to its original amount. Two weeks before your CanniMed registration expires, the app will send notification messages to let you know it’s time to schedule a follow up appointment with your doctor to renew your medical documents.

Patient requested functions
  • Receipt QR code scanner
  • Limit Calculator
  • Order Reminders
  • Renewal Reminders
  • Secure Online Order System
  • Direct Connect with Customer Service
  • Company news
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