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Cannimed® Ltd. is pleased to be a licensed producer under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR).

  CanniMed<sup>®</sup> 4·10

CanniMed® 4·10

THC 4%

CBD 10%

Suitable for many conditions as it benefits from high CBD content while capitalizing on synergies between THC and CBD. CBD may offset symptoms of anxiety sometimes caused by THC. A suitable choice for patients sensitive to THC. Requested by patients and health care professionals.

THC 4.0%

CBD 10.0%

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CanniMed<sup>®</sup> 12·0

CanniMed® 12·0

THC 12.5%

CBD 0.5%

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CanniMed<sup>®</sup> 1·13

CanniMed® 1·13

THC 0.7%

CBD 13%

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