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CanniMed® Ltd. is pleased to be a licensed producer under the Cannabis Act Regulations.

  CanniMed<sup>®</sup> 9·9

CanniMed® 9·9

$7.50 /g

THC ~9%

CBD ~9.5%

With an even ratio of THC and CBD, this product may be suited to the needs of many different patients.


Products high in CBD and THC have the potential to provide relief from pain, inflammation, and nausea*.


Plant Type: Hybrid

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CanniMed<sup>®</sup> 12·0

CanniMed® 12·0

THC ~12.5%

CBD ~0.5%

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CanniMed<sup>®</sup> 1·13

CanniMed® 1·13

THC ~0.7%

CBD ~13%

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